June 25,2018

Reasons why you need School ERP Software

Reasons why you need School ERP Software

We know schools are the greatest source of primary education and that’s why we send our kids to school. But a school needs to be efficient in order to stand on our expectations and provide the required facilities to the students. For something to be efficient, it needs to be managed properly by minimizing errors and handling exceptions. Being a large institution, it is quite obvious that managing something of that size is not easy. That’s where Cloud School ERP Softwares and Cloud School Management Softwares comes into play.

What is a Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP or Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning is a cloud-based computing software which is used in many big industries to ease resource management and planning process. ERP’s have a proven track record of being successful. Now, these ERPs are available for school management as well, with companies like Edubee raising the bar. Let’s take a look at various solutions provided by school ERP software that can bring viable changes in a school’s operation.

Handle important information and data with ease

On an average, there are at least 2000-3000 students in a city school. Managing information of all those students, their fee ledgers, attendance and academic performance is a great challenge for any school. It is a time taking and labor-intensive process, full of errors if done manually and can cost school direly. School ERP software like Edubee provides a technological solution to this problem. Its user-friendly interface is easy to use and all information entered is saved in a cloud storage backed up by servers. Which ensures data security and privacy.

Reliable Data Computing and Analysis

School ERP software has features that not just only stores the given data but also work on raw data to provide the solution to complex structures such as fee, academic results, attendance defaulters etc. It can also be used to calculate the result, generate report card, perform analysis etc. These features provide a great help to teachers and reduce their workload, so they can focus more on teaching students. School ERP software also reduces the workload of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Learning to use the software application is quite easy and less time-consuming as well.

Managing Tasks on a Large Scale

Running a school doesn’t only mean teaching various subjects to students and sending them home. Schools need to provide various co-curricular activities and keep improvising their curriculum in order to engage students in the learning process. All this leads to a large number of tasks for schools.

Managing exam, planning educational trips, annual functions, collecting fee, etc. are tedious tasks. School ERP can help schools streamline the process, manage inventory, human resources, important information etc. School ERP software also provides various methods for managing exams and analyzing reports. It helps in curriculum planning as well.

Track how the school is performing

At the end of the day, what everyone values the most is progress and learning. Whether it is about academic performance or participation in sports and co-curricular activities. Schools ERP software lets you perform various analyses on each and every aspect related to students, teachers, and school. Knowing the strength and weakness is a development in itself and the first part of improvement.

Cost and security

Other than the features that School ERP software provides, it is cost effective in services it provides. The implementation charges depend upon the service provider and type of services your school needs. The module-based structure helps you decide features your school needs and pay accordingly. In general, the charges are low if you compare it to the benefits your school gets.

It reduces the need for support staff sometimes required to manage bundle of files and repetitive tasks. Most importantly it reduces the cost that a school bears because of errors in manually maintaining the records. Maintenance cost of those records on shelves is also high and going through them is also a problem which reduces efficiency and costs us a lot of time. While records present in the cloud are easy to access and comparatively cheaper to maintain.

Risk of losing the data to some unprepared accident/disaster is also possible when stored in form of hard copies. However, the data stored online are backed up by the servers and protected so that it cannot be lost in an accident, theft or natural calamity or get infiltrated by some hackers.

These are some of the various features that School ERP software like Edubee provides. These features can help schools take their management up a notch to improve their efficiency and performance. With the way technology has developed around us, it is must for every field, not just education to embrace the change and bring the improvements.

Anurabh Prakash - Team Edubee

Arunabh Prakash
Team Edubee