June 27,2018

Is School App the next big thing?

Is school App the next big thing?

As the world is moving more and more towards finding online solutions for work, assistance, entertainment etc. , it is very necessary for any institute, office, business etc. to have a strong online presence these days. If we look around, there are 20-30 schools in a district only nowadays, so on an average 500-600 schools in a city. In this tough competition, it is better to leave no stone unturned especially in case of online promotion. There are various methods to target audience online, but creating a mobile app is something very popular nowadays. Is it the next big thing in terms of popularity and accessibility? Let’s find out.

1. A large market with easy approachability

Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone. Cheap or costly, sleek or bulky, long screen or widescreen, there are millions of varieties with diverse price ranges to suit each person according to their choice and need. But what all of them have in common is they all got a free pass to access the online app markets present on their phone. When school app will be added in this arsenal of apps at user’s disposal, parents will be only one click away from all the information, notices, interaction they need with the school regarding their children.

2. Pocket size and travel-friendly

The best part of a mobile app is its mobility and accessibility. These 2 features are the main reasons people prefer using mobile phones and look for an app of any software. Being present inside the phone, the app can be used from any corner of the world and provide all the required information on time. It also makes it easy to carry and use even while travelling. This prevents the disconnection of parents with the school and helps them check the progress of their child from anywhere.

3. Cost and time efficient

Presenting information through app saves the school from the risk of information meddling by middlemen (students) and also the cost of printing the notices, information, circulars etc. If the app used efficiently, it can save a large amount of money and resources for both the school and the parents. And by being connected through the internet, all the information will be received instantaneously by the parents hence cutting the delay time and manipulation of information. Mobile apps can be easily downloaded from respective online stores of smartphones, so it won't require a special procedure and effort to make the app available for the parents.

4. Free brand advertising

A very unique and good feature of any app store for phones is that it shows lots of apps at once. The algorithm of app stores allows it to show various apps related to the one searched by the user. This provides a diverse selection of users and also free brand advertising for the institution. For example, if someone is searching for anything related education, he is likely to run into various school's apps because of them being in the education category. This will suggest users name of schools that will come into their mind when someone will ask about it. This will give a slight edge to schools having their own app.

5. A blessing for the environment

Today so many trees are cut down everyday, non-renewable resources like minerals and a large number of daily need resources are used in creating and furnishing accessories used by schools all around the world on a daily basis. So many sheets created from trees go to waste after one use, ink created by extraction of resources used to print that information and fuels used by vehicles in transporting them, when we add up all of them, it cost a lot to pass the information offline when we have a better, faster and stable alternative. When we see the bigger picture, using school apps is a big step toward saving the environment.

These are some major reasons why school app will be the next big thing in terms of promotion and handling. It will be helpful for both schools and parents on various levels and even support the environment, and by taking small steps like this, we can finally create a fully paperless environment.

Anurabh Prakash - Team Edubee

Arunabh Prakash
Team Edubee