Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here



Q: What is Edubee ?

A: Edubee provides Solutions to make your School/College/Educational Institute smarter. From connecting Students, Parents and Teachers to Smarter Libraries. We also make you safer by enabling Real-Time GPS Tracking in your Buses. So that you can focus on providing quality education to your students.


Q: Who can opt for Edubee Services ?

A: Any Educational Institute such as School, College, Coaching institute etc. can opt for Edubee services.


Q: At which platform is the Mobile Application available ?

A: Our mobile app is available on Android’s Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store for free of cost.


Q: What is Cloud Based ?

A: Cloud Based means Internet Based Services. Which means these Services can be used anywhere in the world using an Internet Connection.


Q: How useful is Smart/E-Library ?

A: Smart/E-Library is very useful system. Students can access the List of Books, Availability, Books issued and other information related to the library system of their organisation. Which will be very beneficial as this service can also be accessed by our Mobile App or Website. In addition to this Libraries will be integrated with Barcodes for Issuing/ Returning Books.


Q: How will GPS Tracking work ?

A: GPS based Tracking Service will provide Real-Time Tracking Service of the buses. So that a parent can check the exact location of their ward’s bus.


Q: Will I get SMS Alerts even if I have DND activated ?

A: Yes, you will receive SMS Alerts even if you are on DND.


Q: Can I pay my Fees using Online Services of my own bank and online wallets ?

A: Yes, you may Pay your fee through your bank or online wallet. We cover almost every bank operating in India.


Q: Are there separate logins for Parents/Teachers/Students etc. ?

A: Yes, Parents, Students and Teachers are provided with different logins. So that they can access their respective information on their dashboards.


Q: How will I get to know whether my child has reached school or not ? 

A: If in case your ward hasn’t reported to school even after leaving home. You will receive a text message and a notification in the app informing you about his absence.


Q: What are the Charges of using Edubee ?

A: Charges of our Service vary according to the Module selected and the number of students opting for our service. Charges are based on the number of users making our service pocket friendly and easy to use.


Q: How are our services Implemented and Maintained ?

A: Our experts take care of each and every detail. Starting from uploading students’ data to managing the information of Results, Attendance, Homework, etc. Teachers and faculty members are also provided with full-fledged training. The school need not to perform any hard work or take care of any additional responsibilities.


Q: Where to get Support or Help regarding Edubee Services ?

A: You can reach us at or call at +91-9999844332. You may also leave us your query in our Contact Us Form.



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