Posted by Shivam Thakur on July 27,2018

Net Neutrality and its benefits for students

In laymen terms, Net Neutrality is the idea that all the content on the Internet should be treated equally by Internet Service Providers (ISP). We think all data on the internet is equally accessible but that is not true. With Net...

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Posted by Arunabh Prakash on July 22,2018

10 Life lessons taught by our teachers that we can never forget

Roles a teacher plays in a student's life are so many that it won't be a surprise to call them our parents at the school. From protecting us from bad influences to teaching us good manners, from punishing us for the bad habits to rewarding us ...

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Posted by Arunabh Prakash on July 17, 2018

Is School App the next big thing?

As the world is moving more and more towards finding online solutions for work, assistance, entertainment etc. , it is very necessary for any institute, office, business etc. to have a strong online presence these days. If we look ...

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Posted by Arunabh Prakash on June 27,2018

Advantages of Cloud Based School ERP Software

In recent years, schools have embraced many technological advances, use of school ERP software is one of them. As the name suggests, it is an enterprise and resource planning software designed for school management to reduce workload ...

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Posted by Arunabh Prakash on June 25,2018

Reasons why you need School ERP Software

We know schools are the greatest source of primary education and thatís why we send our kids to school. But a school needs to be efficient in order to stand on our expectations and provide the required facilities to the students. For something ...

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