June 27,2018

Advantages of Cloud Based School ERP Software

Advantages of Cloud Based School ERP Software

In recent years, schools have embraced many technological advances, use of school ERP software is one of them. As the name suggests, it is an enterprise and resource planning software designed for school management to reduce workload and increase the efficiency of school in non-teaching duties. Having the total number of potential clients around 12 lakhs, school equipment and services is quite a big market. School ERP software has taken this particular market by a landslide, with many new companies claiming to be the best service provider. But like any new product, it also comes with various advantages and disadvantages but to properly understand that you first need to know what is a Cloud-Based School ERP software.

What is Cloud-Based School ERP software?

School ERP is resource planning and management software meant for schools. It has its roots lying in industries where it was first developed as a solution to manage labor force of a company and provide the most efficient way to schedule their work timings, inventory, payments etc. From there, it made its way to various fields where management of workforce is required including the education sector.

How it all started?

School ERP started as a database management system for schools, to manage student information, academic results, teachers, etc. but later extended its branches towards providing various other services including student & staff attendance, academic results, school fee, GPS tracking of school buses etc.

What role does cloud technology play?

Cloud-based school ERP is a school software that works on an internet connection. The data is stored on cloud servers backed up and maintained by the service provider, not by the school. The advancements in mobile technology and easy availability of internet has made the mobile app version of School ERP software very popular. School apps are easily accessible and provide important information and services at the fingertip of a user.

Advantages of school ERP software over classic management model

1. Data precision, protection, and analysis

Being a database management software, the whole process revolves around acquiring data, cracking on it to generate discrete results and protect data from fraudulent activities and unwanted access. Unlike humans, even toughest equations can be easily solved by machine in mere seconds, this reduces the miscalculations and also saves time, making the process highly efficient. Cloud-based school ERP software stores data online backed by the servers and protects it from malware and cyber attacks.

2. Easy, fast and flexible to use

Cloud-based school ERP is faster, accurate and error-free. It is the best software in its line of business for managing school and educational institutes. School ERP has a unique, user-friendly interface with easy to understand instructions that reduce the amount of staff needed to manage the software.

The zero complexness makes it time efficient and results in faster input and output. Being a machine, it works on the input tirelessly without any breaks/cooldown, so it handles a large amount of data in very less time. Large range of mobility and no binding to specific device type provides users with a lot of option in accessing the cloud-based school software.

3. Unified platform and reliable infrastructure

One of the most preferred reasons for the paradigm shift from the classic model of managing a school to school ERP software is it's all in one service feature that reduces the mental pressure of maintaining records on different platforms. Also, managing a single service provider is much easier. School ERP also has a strong virtual infrastructure with servers acting as pillars in holding all the information and impossible-to-break safe that stores it. Both are easy to maintain with no physical maintenance at all.

4. Mobility and Cross-Platform availability

According to statistics of mobile internet usage, there were around 320.57 million mobile internet users in India in 2017. The number is predicted to increase this year making it 358.46 million. Extensively using cloud technology, the School ERP software also provides a mobile variant of the application also known as a School App. School App works on the cloud platform providing you with all the features of a School ERP software at your fingertips.

This not only increases the availability of the software but also enhance your work efficiency. As you may now access all your important information using the School App anytime, anywhere. School App also enhances parent-teacher communication and is helpful for the parents in many different ways.

Let’s sum it Up

Cloud technology is the future of computing. It overcomes the drawbacks of a system based school software wherein the user is restricted on a single desktop or machine. Protecting the loss of data, enhancing privacy and data accuracy. Cloud-based school ERPs are way better than the desktop-based school software earlier used. School Apps now changing the way schools use to communicate with the parents. These changes would not have been possible without a cloud school ERP and school app.

Anurabh Prakash - Team Edubee

Arunabh Prakash
Team Edubee