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Edubee - Bee Smarter

We at Edubee Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understand the intricacies of making the educational system a fruitful one. From maintaining accounts to attendance registers, the amount of effort that goes in is quite redundant and can effectively be can be siphoned towards matters that are in a more dire need of human attention.

That’s exactly what has made us channel our efforts into bringing to you our flagship product Edubee. We believe that the right blend of cutting edge technologies with an efficient management program can elevate the functioning of educational institutions up by a notch.

Edubee is an sincere endeavour to coordinate the general activities (no matter how insignificant they might seem) of educational institutions. Our team strives to make the elements of education system easily manageable for the institutions, parents and above all, the students themselves by using data base management and mobile phone applications.


In the era where life runs through apps, what is holding our schools and colleges back?