June 16,2018

8 Steps to a successful online presence of your school

8 Steps to a successful online presence of your school

Today, existing on the internet is not a choice but a necessity for everyone to keep in touch with the development and changes especially if you are running a business. If you run a store, it’s most likely that you have at least a website and a domain registered under your company’s name. Same goes for the school. Online presence of a school is as important as the offline advertisement. It makes the school more visible on different platforms and makes it more available to its students and their parents. Online advertising can help in boosting school’s brand image and student strength as well. So, here are 7 steps to creating a successful online presence of your school.

1. School Website Should Be User-Friendly

Creating a website doesn't mean just putting up all the information on the internet like a big lump. A user-friendly website is easy to use and attractive. Many websites just put links and information, all in same text font, size, and color. When a user visits the website, he/she is looking for some specific information, if it is not distinguished then it may take forever to find that key content. So, to avoid this, all the content should be arranged in an orderly fashion. Subheadings and tabs should be provided to distinguish between various sub contents. Different text, font, size, and colors should be used to make it look more attractive. This way, finding information can be easy and the site will be more users friendly.

2. Use Multi-Media Content Instead Words

We know pictures speak more than words. Adding pictures to your school website will not only make it more attractive but also engage users. People are often more interested in pictures rather than a huge chunk of words and that’s pretty okay. Who would like to read about your school’s infrastructure or facilities provided if they can see everything in the pictures? So, uploading high-quality pictures of your school’s infrastructure, playground, labs, swimming pool etc. will be very attractive. Similarly adding pictures of your school’s students engaged in activities gives a positive impression of your school through your website. You can also use videos, or link your Youtube channel on your school website.

3. Improve Your School Website’s Google Rank

We all know that if something's not on Google's first page then it seems that it doesn't exist. Nobody has time to search for something beyond the first two or three pages of a Google search. So, if you want people to find your school online, you need to be on the first page at least and in the top search if possible. Making it to the front page is not that hard, all it requires is to optimize your school website according to search engines.

Now the question is how to do that. Using simple keywords, checking for plagiarism is all you need. Make sure your school website has an appropriate amount of content. Frequent use of keywords in your content is very important. This way, you can boost your school website rank on Google and improve its online presence.

4. Start Writing Educational Blogs

Writing blogs is a very effective way to engage with your audience. This will help your school to connect with parents and students. Write blogs on events and topics related to education. This will create a brand image for your school by sending a positive message to the parents. In fact, you can also ask your school students to write a blog on a specific topic and post them regularly on your website. In this way, you will enhance your student’s skills and your online presence.

5. Use Social Media Accounts

An online presence doesn't only mean having a school website. Social media presence is very important in creating a strong online impact. By posting on a daily or a weekly basis, one can be a part of the social environment. You can use it to share your school's views on various matters and participate in other's posts. You can also share photos and videos of the events and occasions that take place in your school. The same can also be shared on your school website. By doing so you are connecting with both the people visiting your school website and people connected with your school on social media platforms. It is a good way to get popular. If people like your post they will share it with others, making your school more and more popular.

6. Start Using YouTube

Nothing makes one popular like a viral video. This hot new trend is currently the best way to become popular among the social media platforms. However, for a school to make a video viral is tough. Still, schools can upload great high-quality videos on Youtube.

By creating a YouTube channel and posting various school videos your school can attain the online growth it needs. It may be video clips of various school activities or some protests school is participating in. Few times news channels or bloggers use these kinds of clips and credit the owner which can result in soaring popularity.

7. Have a School Forum for FAQs and Discussions

Forums are a major source of online help in clearing someone’s doubts or to start a discussion. It can also be used to pass important notifications to students. Students can discuss various formal and informal topics here. When searching on the internet, forums are shown in the search results if they contain the viable information. This can boost school online presence on the internet and increase its chances of appearing in the results.

You also get this module/feature in Edubee School Management Software and ERP. So, you need to worry about the development or maintenance of your School Forum. Just start a discussion on a forum whenever you need.

8. Use School App/Parents Portal

Technology has made a tremendous amount of changes in how we educate our students. With educational technology developing and growing, we are now in a world where parents need to be connected with schools throughout the session. This is also needed to make sure their child has a holistic development in the school. With a School App or School Portal, the school can stay connected with parents at any moment. School Apps abridges the gap, provides regular information about the student’s performance, conduct, and activities taking place in the school. The parents who use the school app need not rely on their child or school diary for information related to the school. This will help the school to take a step further in the direction of creating a brand image and a great online presence.

These are the steps you need to follow by which you can improve your school’s online presence. Following these simple steps can bring a great change in your school’s popularity and the number of audiences it is reaching.

Anurabh Prakash - Team Edubee

Arunabh Prakash
Team Edubee