June 22,2018

5 ways School ERP systems can enhance Parent-School communication

5 ways School ERP systems can enhance Parent-School communication

A student’s progress in school can be widely categorized into 2 parts, the teacher's relationship with the student and their parents. While the first part includes teacher communicating well with the student. Understanding their problems and helping them to overcome those problems. But being in direct contact with the parents is very necessary as well. This way teachers can help the student in eradicating issues that are not directly under teachers’ supervision.

Apart from PTA meetings, school diary was the only way to contact and it was quite inefficient. But with the new School ERP Software, there are several new ways school can stay in touch with the parents with less effort and by being more time efficient. Edubee has listed 5 ways School ERP Software can enhance parent-teacher communication.

1. 24*7 Connectivity

Back in the days when school diary was the only way for teachers to communicate with parents. Teachers used to write complaints or important information in the school diary and students had to get it signed by their parents. It was a very unreliable method, especially in case of few students.

School ERP Software like Edubee provides a message based communication system with push notification feature in the School App and Parents Portal. All the important information can be sent directly to the parent's mobile irrespective of time and without any hindrance. Parents are now connected to the school anytime and anywhere with their mobile phones.

2. Notifications on latest updates/announcements

School ERP Software provides push notifications and message-based communication system which can be used to provide various updates on events occurring in schools. It can be used to inform about PTA meetings, the announcement of results, national holidays, share report cards, etc. Schools can also share assignments and homework to the students directly on their School App or Parents Portal and go paperless.

Communicating through mobile technology is more efficient, time-saving and cheaper. Schools can communicate faster with the parents using the School App platform. School App also rules out the SMS that was earlier sent to notify parents about events and updates. This will save money, time and enhance communication between parents and school.

3. Track the student’s progress

School ERP Software provides various types of reports on student's progress. Further, these reports can be categorized into academic performance, co-curricular participation, sports, behavior or conduct etc. This helps parents view their child's progress in the respective fields. Parents can see the detailed reports and analysis and can easily work in the field which needs more attention. These reports can pinpoint the subject student’s deteriorating at without any exclusive problem counseling.

School ERP Software also provides an updated report card or grade book of the latest exams, graphical analysis of the performance of student throughout the session or multiple sessions. Using the reports available in School ERP teachers and parents can view detailed insights and analyze the underlying problems. They can work together for a holistic development of the student.

4. Attendance alerts

One of the biggest problems in school is to manage punctuality and discipline. Taking a leave without permission or bunking school are considered highly in-discipline acts. Most of the schools, on the other hand, do not have any proper infrastructure or system to manage them. RFID attendance system tends to be quite expensive and difficult to manage. To tackle this problem School ERP Software provides attendance and leave management system. Schools can use attendance management to mark student attendance and send School App notification and SMS alerts. Communicating parents about the absence of their child within seconds.

Attendance shortage can be very interfering in studies as well especially in senior classes. Attendance shortage can also result in getting barred from exams if attendance is exceptionally low. School ERP systems such as Edubee also offer a solution to this problem. Edubee sends a notification to parents in School App whenever the student is absent. A short attendance notice is also sent when the attendance is below the minimum required. Students can apply for leaves in advance to reduce unplanned absence. This will also help teachers in planning the schedules accordingly.

5. Real-time bus tracking

A parent’s concern about their children isn’t only limited to finding out how well he is studying. For anyone, his child’s safety comes first, especially while leaving for or from school. And in this age where crime rates have increased alarmingly, it is a must to know whereabouts of students until they are not inside the school’s campus or reached home safely.

Parents can track the real-time location of their ward using the School App. School ERP software provides real-time GPS tracking of school buses in the School App. It is a very relieving feature for parents ensuring a safer transit of their children.

These are some of the features of School ERP Software that we at Edubee believe can improve communication between school and parents and increase their participation in their children’s school life.

Anurabh Prakash - Team Edubee

Arunabh Prakash
Team Edubee