July 22,2018

10 Life lessons taught by our teachers that we can never forget

10 Life lessons taught by our teachers that we can never forget

Roles a teacher plays in a student's life are so many that it won't be a surprise to call them our parents at the school. From protecting us from bad influences to teaching us good manners, from punishing us for the bad habits to rewarding us for the good ones. Teachers don't just teach us about a specific subject but they teach us lessons that later help us grow as matured human being. From solving small problems in a book to solving our own life problems, it all comes from the education we get in elementary school. So, we at Edubee have summed up a list of 10 valuable life lessons that we learn from our beloved teachers.

1. The early bird catches the early worm

It may have been one of the most common phrases taught to us by our English teacher but it is as accurate as its popularity. Getting up early and being punctual in any work is a mantra for life. It can never hurt us to begin a work little early but being behind schedule can have fatal consequences. We should always try to be punctual.

2. Honesty is the best policy

We used to have small stories in our elementary school books with this as the moral of the story where a kid would end up being honest in the end and would get rewarded for it. It is true for real life as well, honesty can be very rewarding sometimes and it also helps bring a sense of justice inside the speaker’s mind. Sometimes it may be harsh and can hurt someone but it will always be a part of the greater good.

3. Slow and steady wins the race

The famous story of a race between the rabbit and the tortoise taught to us as a kindergartener left a strong imprint on our mind about how even though rabbit being fast, ends up losing the race because of overconfidence while the tortoise ends up winning because of self-belief and confidence. We should never be overconfident about something but also should never lack it just because someone is better than us.

4. Practice makes a man perfect

Remember how our teachers used to make us solve tough questions of mathematics, again and again, so we can get a hold of it and be able to do it in our exam. The same logic can be applied to anything in this world, the practice can only make us better and it is never too much. We can never be too good at something and if done enough, it can make even tough jobs look easy.

5. The pen is mightier than the sword

When we were young and used to get into fights and later get punished for it. Teachers used to tell us that we should use words to solve our matter and that it is more efficient than brawling. It taught us how to be strong without lifting a finger by having other people's voice behind us and expressing our emotions and feelings through words rather than finding the toughest guy in the room and beat him.

6. No man is an island

You can’t always do all work by yourself. Teamwork is an important key to success in any task. From choosing our best friends as partners in school projects to getting paired off with a random classmate from our teacher, we learned how to cooperate and work with others. It helped us in improving our communication and understanding skills. From classmates to working efficiently with strangers, this is one of the most valued skills that all companies look for in their future employees.

7. Better late than never

Back in the days, if we failed to score good marks in a subject and started to feel low about ourselves, our teachers used to tell us that it’s ok to make mistakes and used to motivate us to study even more. These motivations helped us to get through all exams and pass with flying colors. But the positive attitude we learned from our teacher towards accepting our mistakes and correcting them is such a valuable lesson for life and not just for studies. It is never too late to accept where we are wrong and correct those mistakes.

8. Rome was not built in one day

We all had that one subject in which questions couldn't be solved in the first attempt but our teacher used to make us try solving it again and again before telling us the answer and sometimes we were able to solve it on our own. That sense of pride and happiness we used to get after doing it, that taste of victory is what teacher wanted us to feel. It gave us the confidence to never give up on something and that nothing is impossible to achieve.

9. Discretion is the greater part of valour

This lesson is one of the 2 great lessons that come into play at some point in life and only by truly understanding it, we can achieve our goals. It is true that we should never give up and always keep trying but sometimes it is equally important to know when to give up. Chasing a dead dream of fighting a lost cause only costs us our physical and mental strength but rewards us nothing. We should not give up on something altogether but giving up on an unfruitful path to our goal is very important. We should know when to give up on something so that we never get stuck in a dead end because failure is part of success. We can’t really appreciate success if we have never tasted failure.

10. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst

There are so many happy memories of school but there are also some shady ones. There were times when even after trying so much we couldn’t get what we want, from desirable marks to our favorite stream. Our teachers and parents were always there to console us and help us understand that as good as victory sounds, we must also learn to accept defeat. This is the very last and the second of the 2 great lessons of life. We should know that change is inevitable. There may be ways to alter the result but change will come one way or another. We should always be hoping for the best but should also be prepared for the worst. Results cannot always be in our favor and we should learn to accept it.

These valuable lessons taught to us by our teachers through fun and studies, it was hard to recognize them at a young age but as we grew we understood why our teachers were so concerned about it and how it helped us in the path to our goal. We are always in debt of our teachers for these life-improving lessons.

Anurabh Prakash - Team Edubee

Arunabh Prakash
Team Edubee